Land Regularization

Public acting area

Area definition

Consultoria, assessoria e execução das ações, produtos e serviços urbanísticos, ambientais, jurídicos e sociais para a Regularização Fundiária de núcleos habitacionais irregulares, de forma a viabilizar o título de posse ou propriedade de imóveis às famílias residentes (REURB-S e REURB -E).

Products and services

  • Use of the platform, a technology developed by Diagonal to scale up Land Regularization.
  • Preparation of technical-land studies.
  • Planialtimetric cadastral survey of the nucleus to be regularized (LEPAC).
  • Conducting socioeconomic registrations with documentation collection on a digital platform with direct access by residents.
  • Development of subsidies and support in mediating conflicts over lot ownership.
  • Preparation of diagnostics (urban-environmental, legal-juridical, and socioeconomic) and regularization strategies.
  • Creation of studies and technical opinions, basic and executive projects, and descriptive memorials.
  • Negotiations with agencies, protocol, and follow-up of processes for approvals and licenses.
  • Support to public managers in notifying adjacent landowners.
  • Preparation of the list of qualified individuals.
  • Dossier assembly, protocol, monitoring, and addressing of return notes from the general property registry – CRI.
  • Execution of social technical work throughout the land regularization process.
  • Training and technical support to public and private managers in the social, urban, environmental, and legal stages of land regularization.

Land Regularization São Bernardo do Campo

Land Regularization São Bernardo do Campo