Management of Peripheral Territories

Public acting area

Area definition

Conceptualization, planning, design, and management of integrated interventions in peripheral territories through Slum Urbanization and/or neighborhood plans built with the participation and leadership of the community, within the concept of Social Urbanism.

Products and services

  • Development of studies and sectoral and integrated participatory and multidisciplinary diagnostics.
  • Collective construction process with stakeholders.
  • Creation of participatory integrated action plans built with the community, strengthening their local potentials and coordinating with various groups operating in the territory.
  • Development of technical and participatory urbanization projects for the territory: urban infrastructure, integrated sanitation, housing improvement, resettlement, slope containment, among others.
  • Design of anchor facilities for the local development process defined in the integrated action plan.
  • Management of the execution of the works.
  • Environmental education actions.
  • Social dialogue and communication.
  • Monitoring and evaluation process.

Island of God (Ilha de Deus)