Property/Real Estate

Private acting area

Area definition

Consultation, assistance, and execution of urban, environmental, legal, and social actions, products, and services for Land Regularization of projects - both public and private. This is aimed at resolving land base issues, mediating land title conflicts and confrontations, streamlining expropriation processes, and granting areas for the implementation of major infrastructures and industrial plants, ensuring legal security for developers and credibility of the project for investors.

Products and services

  • Use of the platform, a technology developed by Diagonal to scale up Land Regularization.
  • Preparation of technical-land studies.
  • Topographical cadastral survey.
  • Execution of physical-land registries.
  • Development of diagnostics (urban-environmental, legal, socioeconomic) and regularization strategies.
  • Development of studies, basic and executive projects, and descriptive reports.
  • Monitoring of processes for approvals and licenses.
  • Monitoring of processes for registration in the General Land Registry - CRI.
  • Execution of Technical Social Work throughout the entire land regularization process.