Corporate Governance

We have ethics and transparency as premises for our performance. We work in accordance with standards, laws, regulations, and established policies, and we also align our practices with Compliance standards.

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Diagonal values people's privacy. That's why we protect the personal data of our employees, clients, and partners.
With Law 13.709/2018, we have developed our General Data Protection Policy, which contains the main information about data processing at Diagonal.


Our policies are important tools for adopting firm and innovative stances on issues related to ethics and social responsibility, as they consolidate the set of principles, norms, and procedures practiced throughout Diagonal's existence

Code of Ethical Conduct

We have always been concerned with compliance policies and corporate citizenship.

The Code of Ethical Conduct is an important tool that consolidates the values, principles, and standards that guide our professional conduct.

This policy must be followed by all employees, partners, suppliers, clients, and service providers who work with Diagonal, regardless of the company or hierarchical level.

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

Diagonal is committed to operating ethically, with integrity, and transparency. To this end, we have adopted policies to combat corruption, money laundering, bribery, and other fraud in all our operations and relationships, thereby reinforcing our commitment to conducting business with honesty and integrity

Ethics Channel

It's our duty to maintain an ethical, healthy, transparent, and trustworthy environment. To file a complaint, ask a question, make a suggestion, or report wrongdoing, you can use our ethical channel. If you have something to communicate, do not hesitate. Get in touch.

You can get in touch through the following channels:

Quality Policy

Achieving the peak performance of the entire organization, while maintaining an innovative and distinct posture, through the commitment of its employees and partners to the continuous improvement of the QMS and methodological processes, which are integrated and participatory, in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, the sustainability of investments, and respect for society and the environment.


ISO 9001:2015

Since 2000 - Certifying Body: Fundação Vanzolini
Diagonal has been pioneering in obtaining the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001, currently NBR ISO 9001:2015, under the scope of Service Provision managed by the Central Unit in São Paulo, for:
• Integrated Social Management;
• Social Management and Execution of Social Work;
• Provision of Consultancy Services and/or management and/or execution of all actions related to land regularization, providing the necessary technical support to the Public Authorities to intervene in irregularly occupied areas, aiming at the titling of the residents.

Qualification Certificate - QUALIHAB Program

Level 6 under the scope of Project Management

Since 2007 - Certifying Body: Fundação Vanzolini. We obtain this certificate as equivalent to ISO 9001:2015. This certificate establishes a progressive qualification system suited to the specific characteristics of companies operating in the construction sector and service providers to CDHU, aiming to contribute to the evolution of quality in the sector.

B Corporation

Since 2019 – Score: 91,5
Organização: Sistema B
We are part of a global movement of businesses that believe in the power of business to address complex social and environmental issues in society. Being a B means being a better company for the world and working for a new, more inclusive and sustainable economy.


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