Public acting area

Area definition

Consulting, management, and execution of the negotiation, removal, and involuntary resettlement process of families in interventions to free up public areas, in order to enable the implementation of socioenvironmental projects and the execution of infrastructure works and economic enterprises of collective interest.

Products and services

  • Conducting registrations, digital and georeferenced socioeconomic surveys with documentation collection.
  • Property and improvement evaluation reports.
  • Technical expertise in expropriation actions.
  • Co-creation of care criteria with stakeholders.
  • Special case studies for negotiation.
  • Development of resettlement plans and projects on various topics, such as: communication, negotiation and conflict mediation, compensatory measures, losses and damages, host areas, housing solution and infrastructure, socioeconomic development, rural development, environmental education, among others.
  • Social dialogue process for the approval of the resettlement plan with stakeholders and conflict mediation.
  • Negotiation process for family relocation.
  • Negotiation process and addressing of losses and damages.
  • Social follow-up during the transition phase and post-occupation for definitive housing solutions.
  • Monitoring and evaluation – risk of impoverishment of families and traders.
  • Establishment of a care policy according to the identified socioeconomic profiles.

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