Urban Planning
and Management

Public acting area

Area definition

Development of studies, master and sectoral plans, and urban-environmental projects in the areas of urbanism, housing, integrated sanitation, solid waste, urban drainage, mobility, tourism, and the environment.


Products and services

  • Socioeconomic and physical-territorial characterization of intervention areas.
  • Sectoral and integrated diagnostics, participatory and multidisciplinary.
  • Planialtimetric cadastral surveys.
  • Development of studies and plans (master, municipal, and local/neighborhoods).
  • Master plans for territorial ordering of cities and Social Urbanism projects.
  • Land use and occupation plan.
  • Sectorial plans. 
  • Social Interest Housing (HIS) plans.
  • Integrated sanitation
  • Solid waste management plans.
  • Urban mobility plans.
  • Tourism planning.
  • entre outros
  • Specialized and integrated urban-environmental projects.
  • Collective construction process with stakeholders and support for public hearings.
  • Social communication and environmental education.