Public acting area

Area definition

Development of studies, integrated plans, and management of socioeconomic development programs focused on Social Interest Housing, Land Regularization, Integrated Sanitation, Social Assistance (homeless population), Job and Income Generation (productive inclusion), and Natural Disaster Management with vulnerable populations.

Products and services

  • Specialized technical services for program management.
  • Participative and multidisciplinary sectoral and integrated diagnostics.
  • Training of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Design, implementation, and continuous improvement of management tools: responsibility matrix, risk matrix, indicator matrix, process and results indicators, program operational planning, periodic reports, management reports, etc.
  • Supervision of programs, projects, and social, environmental, and economic actions.
  • Supervision of urban and legal actions.
  • Environmental education and social communication.
  • Managerial information systems with program dashboard.
  • Systems for monitoring and physical and financial control.
  • Development of methodologies and tools for the management of programs, projects, and actions.
  • Technical consultancy.
  • Preparation, collection, and analysis of information and data.
  • Georeferencing of information and data.
  • Tracking, monitoring, and evaluation of public policy programs, projects, and actions.
  • Reports and reporting – strategic, managerial, and operational levels.

PAC CDHU - Tenement Action Program

PAC CDHU - Tenement Action Program